lundi, mars 12, 2007

1:32 AM

from now on, i will not be writing here.
lumipat ako dito:

ang seminarista


so that's it.

samedi, février 03, 2007

10:28 PM

posting just for the sake of having a post. :P

a lot of things happened after my birthday. haha.

i passed all the ntrance exams i took. and the good thing is that the courses wherein i passed were my first choices!! haha.. :P

i will be leaving on march 21 for the exchange student program. i'll be in japan for a YEAR.. that's right, a YEAR..

i will be delayed in entering college.. haha.! next year pa ako magiging COLEGIOLO. haha. bwiset na yan.. atat na akong pumasok ng college!

btw, ininterview ako ng ateneo/san jose seminary.. haha.. ewan ko kung papasa ako! haha.. naubusan ako ng english!

ahh ewan!


so that's it.

dimanche, décembre 17, 2006

10:45 PM

gaudete in domino semper.

as the entrance antiphon was being read, my heart is thumping very violently. i was holding the censer.. i cant move. the alb hindered me to do so. my surplice almost caught fire. as the entrance hymn began, i placed my right foot forward, then my left. until i reached the sanctuary.

i looked at the virgin in the altar. she seemed to smile at me. the priests kissed the table. i then moved to assist the main celebrant. i handed him the thurible. a total of nine swings was seen. he then moved around the table, stopping at the middle to release again nine swings. he stopped by the cross. he then let the corpus smell the scent of burning incense. after the incensation, he then gave me the thurible. my heart stopped its violent thumping.


then i woke up.. it was just a dream.



so that's it.

jeudi, décembre 14, 2006

11:13 PM

it is so nice to be back..
4 days before my birthday..
i'll be 16 on sunday..
i was super duper busy the whole month.. well you see, i am almost close to being invisible in class.. the teachers keep on asking me why i was not in our class.. at least, i managed to cope up with the lessons..
i joined the 30th regional secondary schools press conference held at quezon city science..
and i won.. 4th place in pagsulat ng balita.. i was so close in going to the national press con.. dep ed sends only those in the top three spots.. take note.. top three and i was top 4.. the only wish that i have is.. for the third place to be sick so that i can go to the national.. too harsh ayt? haha
the celebration of the english week (as i've said, i was the vp of the club) was very much successful.. the only thing we lack now is the by laws, which ms mabini said, is our legacy to the club.. i hope we can finish that by january..
i also joined the dep ed-intel regional science fair at UE caloocan.. our project was able to compete in the regional.. so much for us.. only one project of our school was chosen and they will be going to baguio for the national..
next week will be the school fair.. a series of events will be held like the switch days, campus dudes and babes, campus song bird, teacher's day and the battle of the bands.. i will be the vocalist of the band pambura't pantasa.. i need a change in image so i have the opportunity.. haha
for the switch days, i was chosen by madame x to be her student teacher.. i had a one-on-one teaching with her so that i wont be having a hard time in explaining the lesson.. i just finished my lesson plan for two days.. and i still dont know what i will be wearing for that two days..
if you remember, i applied for a three-week toor/scholarship in japan sponsored by afs.. they called me two weeks ago.. they told me that i was qualified for the year program.. which will start in march.. at first i was having a hard time in deciding.. but then by divine intervention i made my decision.. i took the opportunity.. it was an all-expense paid scholarship and i will be studying in japan.. for one year.. wahaha.. i will not experience crossing that stage on graduation day.. cause our grad is on april and i am scheduled to leave on march..
i will be having an advance party for my bday.. tomorrow at seven here in our residence.. we will be having an overnight.. haha..
start of the much awaited simbang gabi tomorrow night at nine.. haha..
that's all for now!
i really miss blogger!
God bless!

so that's it.

dimanche, novembre 26, 2006

8:23 PM

hello people of the blog-o-sphere. i am back. after that very, very busy week.
because of my abscense, i owe you a lot. so let me give you a post worth reading. have fun. enjoy.
Part of Life
by: DJ

We are men and women of schedules. We have schedules to follow and appointments to fulfill. Some schedules are quite loose and quite open. Even the jobless have schedules to follow. We wake up, brush our teeth, drink coffee, read newspaper and continue to do this everyday.

But there is something wrong when we allow our schedules to run our lives. There is something wrong when we allow the routine of everyday to become the supreme law of our life. It is no longer right when schedules rule our lives in such a way that we do not have any time anymore to enjoy each other. We are enslaved by our schedules when we lose freedom to choose. We become less human. We become like horses. All we need is a tap in the back and off we go.

Then you might say to me, "But that is a part of life." And I will answer, "Precisely! Definitely! Our schedules are only part of life. That is not the totality of life."

Our schedules are only part of life. The will of our Creator for us is not to be enslaved by our schedules of building, eating, drinking, buying, selling, and planting.

Life is more than just schedules. Life is more than duties to fulfill. While God is a God of order, God also is a God of rest. Let us not forget that the will of God for us is not fullness of schedules but fullness of life. Sometimes because of the demand of urban living, we forget the most important things.

At the sunset of life, it is not your tight schedule that will matter. At the sunset of life, it is how much love we put into our schedules that God will look for.


Can a future shepherd of God's flock be faithful to his calling and yet be human enough to succumb wonderful feeling of love?

The answer: It depends on how one defines love. If we are speaking of that special exclusive bond one has with a lover, then I may say that seminarians cannot and should not engage in it. Choosing to tread the thorny part to priestly ministry in itself is already an acceptance and a preparation for an equally wonderful life of celibacy.

I say it is equally wonderful because the celibate priest can give himself fully and wholly to the service and love of God and his church. He learns a special kind of love that he then shares with his flock. Jesus is the supreme example of this kind of love when He instituted the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist-- when He gave Himself up on the cross. This kind of love that future laborers in the vineyard must cultivate.

But it is so easy to talk. It is another thing to apply the ideal principle, because we who are hoping to wear that white sotana also "fall in love."

More often than not, I find myself sinking in the quagmire of confusion. During these times, I wonder if Miss Right feels the same, and thinks that I also fit the descripition of her lifetime partner to the letter.

It is worse when you have to fen her off--it happens, modesty aside-- because you just can't find the right words to do it painlessly. You find that you are not making sense, and even that you are contradicting yourself. You even think, "Where id God when you need Him?"

But at last, even if I cant understand the reasons of the heart, at leat I relent to the reasonable fact that the two states are irreconcilable. So whether it is painful for me or not, and whether it is painful for her or not, I must pull away. It is only in choosing my vocation that I can truly be effective-- as a seminarian and as a lover and servant of all his flock.

By the way, I passed the entrane exam in St Paul Seminary and I am in the middle of confusion since, I think, I am falling in love. A bit of help here dear friends!! :D

God bless!

so that's it.

samedi, novembre 18, 2006

12:11 AM

choices are choices. there's no turning back. -utakgago
i have been very busy for the past few days and will be very busy for the next few weeks. you see, i have been working for different departments in our school.. let me give you a list.
1. science department- ANGELS club president, team leader INTEL science fair entry (the dust thing), member of the working body during the science month celebration.
2. math department- member of the working body during the math week. quiz master during the math quiz bee. announcer during the math bingo.
3. english department- i was elected vice president of the maksci english club and we are preparing for the english week scheduled first/second week of december. memeber of the dreams + teams sponsored by the british council.
4. languages department(filipino)- OIC for buwan ng wika. predisent of the "kadluan"
5. makabayan department- the student teacher for economics whenever madame x is not around. the umpire/commentator/ during the intramurals.
6. supreme student government-general assembly- class president so i am a gen ass member.
too much for a student? wait there's more.. here is my schedule for the next week..
1. overnight training for journalism
2. meeting with the english club adviser
3. review for ustet
4. prepare for the intel sci fair
5. prepare for the journ contest
6. attend the search-in in st paul seminary. hope i'll pass
7. ustet
8. sci fair
10. english week
11. to follow..* ^-^ *
that is really too much for me.. i am not attending my classes anymore. but still i am having high grades.. but my teacher in values education (?) was saying something about my busy-ness in life.. but i wasnt able to understand her because her bestfriend, our paper adviser was talking to me.. (they were having lunch then) i wonder what that is.. maybe i got a failing grade in values? i dont think so..
i am still working for my article for "a vision 2007" that TCP project.. gosh. that is tbs yesterday. waw. epitome of a good student.
that's it for now.. by the way, i was looking at the pictures of the newly ordained priest of manila.. i was looking at their faces.. i saw their smiles.. (to be continued..)
god bless! have a nice weekend!

so that's it.

mercredi, novembre 15, 2006

11:29 PM

a very exhausting day.
i had many things to do but i still managed to attend the first three classes. filipino with our paper adviser ms san pascual, economics with madam x (mrs asido) and english with mrs larcena.
in filipino, we had a quiz about the previous chapter we had discussed.. i think the chapter about ginoong pasta.. after that, she said we would tak a break and we'll discuss about ang paghuhukom by i dont know who..
in economics, we had the lesson about GNP and many more..
in english, we had a quiz about reported discourse. i only got 8 out of ten. stupid me..
during break, i had to meet our principal for the kadluan interview.. i was amazed by her accommodation.. and during the course of the interview, she was nearly crying because of a question.. "sino po ang nagbibigay ng inspirasyon para sa inyo?" she said that it was her mother who contributed the most.. she said that she came from a poor family and she was orphaned at nine years old.
after that, we went to the library to do some preparation for the quiz bee..
at lunchtime, i had to attend a meeting with our english counterpart, the vision for the upcoming regional contest in journalism.. as expected, i will be the contestant for the category "pagsulat ng balita."
during the meeting at the press room,i was struck by the film being watched by other colleagues, titanic.
i remember the last time that i watched that.. i was still in elementary.. gash.. am i too old? haha..
walang makapang aapi sayo kung nakapag aral ka..
-ms divine..
that's it for now! god bless!

so that's it.

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